jawdesign neck muscle trainer
jawdesign neck muscle trainer

jawdesign neck muscle trainer

jawdesign neck muscle trainer

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Health Benefits:

The cervicals are the most fragile part of the human body, it is very common to have pain or even stiffness in this area.

Training the muscles that compose it allows us to consolidate this part of our body, improve our proprioception, and avoid traumatizing the nerve connections during shocks.

This is why all practitioners of impact sports (boxing, rugby, American football, wrestling) train the neck.

Aesthetic benefits:

The neck is an area that is part of the androgen receptors (that is to say, it develops during puberty, thanks to the hormones linked to masculinity, testosterone).

Development increases the perception of our masculine attractiveness and improves the proportions and symmetry of our lower face.

• Strength and durability

• Comfort during training

• Security

• Increased strength and aesthetics

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