Jan 30, 2021

Someone beautiful, is a person who pleases the eye of the majority, it causes a feeling of aesthetics.

The notion of beauty can be influenced by the ideals and preferences of each, beauty is an interpretation, it is directly linked to what we are used to seeing and estimating as being beautiful.

Besides, there are several ways to be beautiful.
Posture and attitude, having a good posture, straight, symbolizes self-confidence, determination.
The way of thinking and expressing oneself, having good speech, expressing oneself with dignity and with conviction.
And the physical aesthetics that we are going to develop right now.


The key to having an aesthetic face is visual balance.
The structure of the face is important, it needs symmetry from top to bottom and from right to left.
That's to say ; the chin and the top of the forehead should be an equal distance from the midline of the face and the width of the jaw equal to that of the temples.

The notion of visual balance also includes the level of subcutaneous fat, slightly sunken cheeks, a well-defined jawline and the absence of a double chin, smooth and taut skin, these are basic points when it comes to of aesthetics.


Secondary sex traits are called that because they are the androgen receptors, the parts of the body that respond to androgen hormone levels, testosterone for men and estrogen for women.
They allow to be visually identified as male or female.

Concretely, the secondary sexual character traits are, for men; the skeletal striated muscles of the body (pectorals, shoulders, biceps, etc.), the skeletal skeletal muscles of the face (the masseters and chin), facial and body hair (the beard, chest hair, etc.).
Baldness can also be a secondary sexual character trait representing too high dihydrotestosterone levels, it is not considered aesthetic because we lose this notion of balance.

For women ; body fat in the chest, hips and glutes, hip width, facial features, a defined face, a thin but prominent jawline and chin.

Let's not forget that what makes us attractive and therefore beautiful is how masculine and feminine we are perceived to be by the opposite sex.


To conclude and definitively answer this question, we can say that yes, a square and drawn jawline makes you beautiful and beautiful.

By developing your masseters, you will widen your jawline making it proportional and of width equal to or slightly greater than that of your forehead, you will then be endowed with a symmetrical face corresponding to aesthetic standards.

Your wider jawline will make you look more manly, dominant, and attractive to the opposite sex.

This same jaw being more muscular, it will stand out more and will be more defined, your face will look healthier.

Being aware of your new reflection, you will be confident, sure of yourself, which will change your posture and your attitude, making you more upright and proud.