Feb 12, 2021

Confidence is due to two factors; our psychology and our physiology.

Our state of psychological confidence is influenced by our level of awareness regarding our physical and intellectual abilities, our ability to please others or be valued.

The state of confidence related to physiology is indirect, it is caused by our hormonal levels and by our parasympathetic nervous system.
Having a square jaw changes our facial appearance, it makes us more virile if we are men, more dynamic and healthy if we are women.
Being aware of our reflection, feeling manly, vibrant or healthy because of our face shape will increase our self-confidence.

Moreover we are aware that the symmetry of the face is a key element when it comes to aesthetics. The square jaw width equal to that of our forehead will achieve this aesthetic ideal by improving the balance of our facial lines.

This same jawline being a secondary sexual character trait, symbolizing a high testosterone level, you will logically be more attractive to the opposite sex, the positive feedback from the external gaze will give you self-confidence.

For ladies, a square, defined jawline without a double chin will also bring many positive looks in your favor.

By knowing that you correspond to what is considered to be the aesthetic ideal, that you are handsome or beautiful, you will then become aware of your physical ability to please, which is very important for a successful first appearance and good social interactions.
Your attitude will change, you will look proud, and more fulfilled.

Aesthetics and the ability to please is important, it increases self-esteem.
Self-reflection and the resulting confidence is an integral part of what allows us to feel good in everyday life.
By having confidence in ourselves, we are better able to move forward.