Jan 29, 2021

Increasingly interested in facial aesthetics (at any age), requests for orthognathic surgery are constantly increasing, in order to make the jaw square, and more pronounced.

Unfortunately it's expensive, you break and resolder the jaw bone, and it can leave scars, not to mention edema that takes months to go away...

The best solution to make the jaw square is the one we offer you.
Adapted to your budget and over the long term, without risk, without constraint and above all, EFFECTIVE!

Strengthening your jaw and your face will have the effect of irrigating the stressed areas (cheeks, masseters, digastric muscle, etc.), which improves the distribution of micro-nutrients such as collagen, which is essential for your skin. and all your connective tissues. In addition to having a square jaw, you will be protected from wrinkles.
Moreover, by hypertrophying your masseters, the features of your face will be accentuated, and your jaw will be more defined.

Just like to develop your pectorals, you do bench press or to develop your glutes, you do squats.
To develop your jaw, just exercise it with JawDesign.

Moreover, in view of the number of satisfied customers since the beginning of 2021, we believe that JawDesign will be recognized as the best solution to make the jaw square, aesthetic, and reduce your double chin.