Usage tips :

-Exercise with JawDesign in pairs to take full advantage of the resistance and distribute it on both sides of your jaw.

-Work unilaterally only when it proves to be necessary, that is to say in the event of asymmetry of the jaw (eg right masseter larger than that of the left).

-To reduce the double chin by training the digastric muscle, stick the tongue to the palate by chewing the jaw exerciser.

-Place JawDesign at the level of the molars, avoiding the canines so as not to degrade the product.

-To guarantee this longevity, chew JawDesign without exerting maximum pressure with your jaw (the masseters being very powerful muscles and the molars being very strong teeth, you can break or shred all types of materials).

-After use, to ensure optimal oral hygiene, please rinse JawDesign with warm water, or immerse these jaw exercisers in the "mouthwash" of your choice.