Feb 10, 2021
If there's one thing famous American (American) actors (actresses) have in common, it's their face shape.
Indeed, whether it was Brad Pitt, Angélina Jolie, Channing Tattum, Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and even Robin William who had more humorous roles, they all have a square and well-drawn jaw.

This face shape is so important to success in the American audiovisual industry that even Tom Cruise had to go through orthognathic surgery before making the magazines and being known as an actor.


For Hollywood, the main actors (actresses) must correspond to the aesthetic ideal, creating in the spectator the desire to resemble him.
For a masculine face, a square, well-defined jawline followed by a pronounced chin will give a manly, dominant and confident look.
For a female face, a square and drawn jaw will bring out her face and the expressions that accompany it, not making it virile, but still allowing to represent a strong and dynamic woman.

To understand why a square jaw is essential when you want to have an aesthetic face, we refer you to the article “Does a square jaw make you beautiful? ".

Beyond being actors (actresses) they are also asked to make the front pages of magazines, so they must be photogenic.
Once again, to be photogenic, the face and expressions must stand out and for that nothing better than a face drawn with a pronounced jawline.


For lack of evidence, it cannot be said with certainty that they all had recourse to orthognathic (or other) surgery to improve their facial lines.
We will say that about 50% of them have resorted to this and that the remaining 50% were already genetically endowed with this prominent jaw, and that they stood out thanks to their face.


There are a few rare exceptions and you will see which "proves the rule".
We can cite: Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham but also Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yet icon of virility, you will notice that they do not have a prominent and very prominent jaw.
So what makes them so masculine?
Quite simply, this lack of jawline is largely compensated by an imposing and solid chin, a developed neck and prominent muscles.
These secondary sexual character traits other than the jawbone, are developed to the extreme, giving them the appearance of tough guys, they will not be able to play the handsome kids in the same way as Brad Pitt and will be condemned to beefy roles, less glamorous.