Feb 22, 2021

The lines of the body, they say a lot about our character and our daily lives. They express whether we are sporty or dynamic, hyperactive or sedentary, greedy or not, and whether we are in good health.

Our posture will also modify the rendering of our body lines; if we are upright we will look more proud and dynamic, conversely if we are “curled up”, we will look more fragile and less healthy.

For your face it will be the same thing.
Like your body, the healthier you are, the more aesthetic your face will be.
Imagine yourself with smooth skin bringing out your cheekbones, a symmetrical jawline with a prominent angle at the level of the masseters, a slender chin, firmer neck skin, wide open and sparkling eyes.
We are a reflection of what we do, think and eat.
Forget swollen cheeks, full of water retention and oily skin from alcohol and fast food.


During a meeting, you will agree, the first interaction is through the physical.
It goes without saying that we prefer to meet someone who looks dynamic and fulfilled rather than someone who inspires slackness and bad humor.

Training your face to improve the definition of your jawline, hollow your cheeks, reduce your double chin, proves to be very useful to create this famous attractive first look.
In addition, a face in shape is a face that will be better able to communicate, thanks to its aesthetics that will sublimate its expressions.


Here we will see what are the different face shapes and what are they due to.

The round face:
As the name suggests, a round face is devoid of angles, it looks friendly and brings out a cheerful smile.
This shape is often due to the bone structure of the skull and the jaw, but also greatly influenced by the lack of development of the masseters which increase the angle of the jaw from the front as well as from the side and the rate of fat mass present on the cheeks and under the chin.

The triangular face:
This one is often present on rather thin and slender men's bodies.
The triangular face is generally devoid of fat, and although the masseters of their jaws are defined, they are not very bulky which creates a lack of protuberance on the lower part of their face.

The oval face:
Balanced and symmetrical, with few cheeks, a dominant chin and a jawline as wide as the midline of his forehead, he approaches the aesthetic ideal especially when the cheeks are slightly sunken.

Square face :
Obviously we will end on this face shape.
The so-called square face is actually a fairly dry face (without fat) to bring out the angles of the lower face, so it has a prominent jaw with developed masseters, its cheeks are relatively hollow.
This type of face is therefore balanced, symmetrical from bottom to top and from left to right, with pronounced features. It is therefore photogenic in any light, and brings out facial expressions.

The lines and shape of the face are therefore not only due to their bone morphology, the level of fat present on the cheeks, under the chin and the muscles of the face will impact the overall rendering.