Jan 30, 2021

We will be brief.
Surely you have heard that this or that haircut goes to this or that face shape.

In your opinion, why ?

Firstly the shape of the face is due to its jaw, the more the jaw is square the more the face will be "marked", it will be more aesthetic (for men as for women).

Secondly with haircuts we try to structure the face.
If the shape of the face is already structured thanks to its jaw which represents 50%, we can wear any haircut!

The "long haircut" for men is a perfect example. We realize that very few men can wear this kind of hairstyle.

You will notice that men wearing a "long hair" cut without harming their aesthetics or even their virility, are those with a square and well-defined jaw.

To illustrate our words, you will find that the famous Brad Pitt, well known for his "beautiful face" and necessarily his square jaw, can wear any hairstyle, long hair, short hair, shaved etc...
The same goes for the beautiful Angelina Jolie having a drawn jawline.