Feb 9, 2021
Do you want to reduce your cheeks, have a defined face and reduce your double chin? If so, this article is for you.

To begin, let's list the reasons why you have not yet achieved this aesthetic goal. Then we will cite the solutions to solve these “problems” one after the other.


If your face is not yet drawn, it is surely because of the lack of muscles present on your jaw.
If the masseters are responsible for the square and virile jaw in men, their presence on the face of a woman should not be overlooked.
Developing the masseters on a woman's face will not make her more manly. Although the angle of the jaw will be more pronounced, the frame that makes up the bottom of his face is much less imposing than that of a man.

Training the masseters in order to develop them will mainly improve the shape and balance of the face, the way the jawline sticks out and takes shape in women.

For the man, training the masseters will bring out the angle of the jaw and will therefore also draw his face.

Beyond the masseters there is a much less known muscle but which plays an essential role in shaping the lower face; this is the digastric muscle.
The latter is located under your chin, it constitutes the underside of your face and plays a supporting role in the same way as the transverse (sheathing muscle for the abdominals).
If this muscle is relaxed or distended it will give the illusion of a double chin.
Chewing with JawDesign will allow you to tone this muscle and reduce the double chin in order to define your face.


Although the masseter muscles and the digastric are main factors for having a defined jaw and face, we must give importance to the rate of adipose mass (fat).

Too much of it will coat your jaw lines, and thicken your throat and lower face.
To reduce the adipose mass rate, you just need to eat a balanced diet, do not overconsume lipids (fatty acids) and carbohydrates (slow sugars, fast sugars).
Eat a caloric intake consistent with your energy expenditure.


The third aspect that we will discuss is sodium or rather subcutaneous water retention.
When you consume too much salt, without drinking enough water, your body will tend to store the few reserves of water available.
This phenomenon is called subcutaneous water retention, it will "puff up" your cheeks and reduce the demarcation of your face.

Just be sure to drink enough water.

PS: green tea is known to be a diuretic, which can also help you reduce this unpleasant phenomenon.